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NGAUS Resolutions

 NGAUS Resolutions
NGAUS File Number Fiscal Year State Relating To Category Date
J 9 K add SC 2024 South Carolina Helicopter hoist stabilization capability for Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC), Search and Rescue (SAR), and Domestic Operations (DomOps). Joint 06/09/2022
ARNG 1 N add AZ 2024 Arizona Army Aviation Modernization/Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU) ARNG 04/30/2022
J 17 M add UT 2024 Utah HRF/CERFP Full Time Manning Joint 03/24/2022
J 20 KK add UT 2024 Utah Student Loan Repayment Program Joint 03/24/2022
ANG 11 Q change UT 2024 Utah KC-135 Modernization ANG 03/12/2022
J 5 G add UT 2024 Utah National Guard Funding Joint 03/12/2022
DOMOPS J 17 L Add FL 2023 Florida Digital Forensic Capabilities supporting Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFAB), Counterdrug units, and Civil Support Teams (CSTs). Joint 07/31/2021
PERS J 26 T Add MA 2023 Massachusetts Student Loan Repayment Program Joint 07/30/2021
CYBER J 15 J Add NM 2023 New Mexico NGREA modernization Joint 07/30/2021
PERS J 20 KK Add MA 2023 Massachusetts Childcare subsidy/financial assistance Joint 07/30/2021
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