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ARNG 1 C Change LA

Army National Guard UH-60 Modernization

Date Submitted: July 1, 2020
Category: ARNG
State: Louisiana

Type Draft Resolution:
Change Item

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Rob Billings


Change Item C to read, "An accelerated UH-60 modernization program of record."

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Consolidates C, BB and CC into one resolution. •As of 2019 the Army National Guard is (602) aircraft short of its goal to modernize (907) UH-60 aircraft. •The black hawk is the Army's primary assault and MEDEVAC rotary wing asset, with more than (119) of these helicopters being legacy UH-60A aircraft. Not only are these models very expensive to operate, it is at the end of their useful life cycle and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. •The current modernization program does not have the Army National Guard meeting UH-60 modernization goals until the year 2037. •To effectively and safely carry out its title 10 and 32 missions, the Army National Guard wants to accelerate the procurement of H-60M & H-60V aircraft. •To accomplish this goal the Army National Guard supports a two prong approach to modernization. •Firstly, the Army National Guard supports an increase in UH-60M procurement. The National Guards goal is to procure a total of 535 UH-60M aircraft prior to Lockheed/Sikorsky's last multi year contract ending in calendar year 2027. As of 2019 the National Guard is 230 UH-60M's short of this goal. •Secondly, the Army National Guard supports the funding of an accelerated UH-60V conversion program, with the overall goal of accomplishing legacy aircraft modernization from UH-60L to UH-60V by the year 2030. The National Guards goal is to procure 372 UH-60V aircraft prior to calendar year 2030. As of 2019 the National Guard is 372 UH-60V's short of this goal.

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