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J Pers 23 V add MA

Retirement Pay

Date Submitted: June 30, 2022
Category: Joint
State: Massachusetts

Type Draft Resolution:
New Resolution

Additional Sponsors:

Ryan Chandler


Amend VA Form 21-8951 to allow for partial compensation for Service Members in the FY that they retire in.

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Update to VA Form 21-8951: NOTICE OF WAIVER OF VA COMPENSATION OR PENSION TO RECEIVE MILITARY PAY AND ALLOWANCES Background: Some Reservist and Guardsmen can file a VA claim and receive VA benefits while continuing to serve. Members must choose to waive their VA compensation/pension or their military pay and allowances for the days for which they received training pay. In the the current form block 8 there are two choices, agree that the number of training days in the listed fiscal year is correct or not and show the number of days. In Block 9 the member must choose one of three blocks: 1. I elect to waive military pay and allowances for the days indicated in order to retain my VA compensation or pension. NOTE: Checking this option will give most veterans LESS money. 2. I elect to waive VA benefits for the days indicated in order to retain my training pay. 3. I received no military pay and allowances during the fiscal year indicated on page 1 of this form. There is no option for members who worked part of a fiscal year and filed a claim after retiring or separating from the National Guard or Reserves. Recommend adding a fourth option in Block 9 of VA Form 21-8951 " I did not receive any VA compensation during the period in which I was still receiving military pay and allowances." Additional information: This form needs to be verified and signed by the members commanding officer. This resolution requires no additional funding.

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