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ANG 11 Q change UT

KC-135 Modernization

Date Submitted: March 12, 2022
Category: ANG
State: Utah

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Change Item

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Jeffery Waddell


Change 143rd Conference standing resolution KC-135 #11Q to: Emergency Response Refueling Equipment Kit (ERREK) to provide Refueling/Defueling Capability, on aircraft/auxiliary power, for locations CONUS and OCONUS where man-made or natural or disaster response (Iraq/Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Hurricane Katrina, 911) is required and there is no infrastructure, no fuel trucks, no fueling capability available.

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CRITICAL NEED FOR SUPPORT- The ANG requires ERE per aircraft capable of off-loading fuel from KC-135 aircraft into emergence response vehicles or other aircraft after a man-made or natural disaster occurs where there is no power, infrastructure or no refueling capability. This single-point defueling system must be compatible with KC-135 aircraft internal aircraft power. STATES IMPACTED - All ANG KC-135 CONUS and OCONUS sites MISSION CRITICAL NEED - This system can extend the reach of aviation and ground transportation assets into isolated areas experiencing critical infrastructure failure during the first 72 hours following a natural or man-made disaster. DEPLOYMENTJUSTIFICATION- The ANG has identified and validated shortfalls in the ability to offload fuel from aircraft in both CONUS and OCONUS locations due to lack of enough fuel trucks, on site power and availability of fuel at the disaster location. FUNDING JUSTIFICATION – The funding for this equipment is a candidate for National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA) Appropriation 0350 ANG REQUIREMENT – ERE deployable aviation refueling point systems are required for KC-135 to add a refuel/defuel capability for locations CONUS and OCONUS where natural or man-made disaster areas where no power, no fuel trucks, no infrastructure exists

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