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ANG 3 K add OR

F-15 Aircraft

Date Submitted: July 1, 2022
Category: ANG
State: Oregon

Type Draft Resolution:
New Resolution

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Alex Fugate


Provide Cyber Attack Detection (CADet) service and product technology to detect system malware identification and anomalies in F-15 ANG aircraft Line Replaceable Units (LRU) Operational Flight Programs (OFP) prior to mission

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Recommend the ANG states include this resolution in their aircraft maintenance programs -Technology verifies that there have been no unapproved changes to the LRU’s Operational Flight Program (OFP) or any of the Supply Chain components (software or hardware). - Attestation is also valuable for verifying system integrity after field upgrades or after the completion of cyber testing. - For fielded systems that have been deployed for a length of time, Attestation can provide early detection of component degradation prior to failure. - This allows for proactive maintenance in the avionics to ensure successful and timely missions execution. - Attestation verification is accomplished using an external “trusted verifier” to examine the LRU’s memory contents and devices using direct access to an existing port of an LRU and then using a chained access technique in which the trusted verifier communicates through a verified LRU to a down stream LRU. - Specific System Utility: - Provides cyber security to existing legacy systems (no modifications to hardware or aircraft wiring) - Provides verification of system integrity after field upgrade or cyber testing - Can provide an early indicator of component degradation prior to failure

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