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PERS J 19 T Add MA

Army Force Structure

Date Submitted: June 25, 2020
Category: Joint
State: Massachusetts

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Ryan Chandler


Congress should amend 10 U.S.C. ยง10171 to retain the statutory rank, roles, responsibilities, and functions of the Director, Army National Guard, and Chief of the Army Reserve but disestablish the U.S. Army Reserve Command. The Army should align remaining U.S. Army Reserve Operational, Functional, Support and Training Commands under appropriate Regular Army higher headquarters, and eliminate those considered redundant. The roles, responsibilities, and functions of disestablished and realigned organizations should be assumed by the Secretary of the Army, Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA), and Army Commands (e.g., FORSCOM [U.S. Army Forces Command], IMCOM [Installation Management Command], MEDCOM [U.S. Army Medical Command], OTJAG [Office of the Judge Advocate General]), all of which will have increased representation by Reserve Component Soldiers, as determined by the Secretary of the Army.

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This proposal will increase the readiness and responsiveness of the Army as a total force. A time of constrained resources demands creative solutions. By accelerating the implementation of the Army Total Force Policy, it will expand the Associated Units Pilot Program and transition it to a permanent arrangement. Further, this action will help sharpen the focus of the Army Reserve, consistent with the terms of the "AC-RC LEADERS' OFFSITE Agreement of 29 October1993". As the Army progresses toward fuller integration at the unit level, the need for an Army Reserve Command as a 'force providing' headquarters declines, as does the need for its subordinate headquarters elements. Commanders of Army Commands (like FORSCOM) are well equipped to make decisions regarding the employment of integrated Army capabilities. The full implementation of this proposal will require detailed analysis and study by HQDA. However, it is conceivable that Army Reserve operational, functional, and training commands can be aligned within FORSCOM. For example, training commands may be best suited for full integration within First Army. Army Reserve support commands could be aligned with HQDA (in the case of Army Reserve Careers Division), OTJAG (Army Reserve Legal Command), and IMCOM (other regional support commands).

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