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Army Aviation Modernization/Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU)

Date Submitted: April 30, 2022
Category: ARNG
State: Arizona

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John Vitt, CW5 (R)


Supports funding for the US Army's requirement for the next generation Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU), and for the timely fielding of the new AGPU to all US Army National Guard Aviation units according to their MTOE.

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The US Army's current Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU) has been the Army solution for decades. Originally fielded to support the fleet of aircraft developed in the 1980s (the Blackhawk and the Apache), these units have become unreliable, difficult to maintain, and adversely affect unit readiness, as these are reportable items for combat readiness. The US Army recognizes the need for replacement of the legacy AGPU. Budget submissions by the Army for FY 2022 includes resources to develop and procure the new AGPU. The next generation AGPU is significantly more effective, efficient and deployable. Fuel savings are impressive, with a consumption of approximately 30 gallons for 8 hours of operation instead of nearly 140 gallons for the current AGPU. Noise is reduced from nearly 105 dBA to 90 dBA. The newly designed AGPU supports the AH-64 Apache, the UH-60 Blackhawk, the UH-72 Lakota and CH-47 Chinook. The unit will provide electrical power, pneumatic power, and flow/hydraulic fluid filtration. This unit is diesel and jet fuel compatible. This unit is smaller, lighter and easier to maintain than the legacy AGPU. Lastly, the unit will have broader ambient operating capability, ranging in operations from - 40F to + 125F. This Resolution recommends the US Army National Guard fully fund the deployment of the next generation Aviation Ground Power Unit (AGPU) and fielding of this capability to all US Army National Guard Aviation Units as soon as possible.

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