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ANG 2 B Change IN

A-10 Electronic Warfare (EW) survivability upgrades

Date Submitted: June 27, 2019
Category: ANG
State: Indiana

Type Draft Resolution:
Change Item

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Ryan Harvey


Change item B to read, "Increased survivability through improved electronic attack, self-protection, full-spectrum countermeasure, electronic warfare (EW) survivability systems, and radio-frequency (RF) expendable decoy upgrades"

White Paper:
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CRITICAL NEED FOR SUPPORT- The electronic warfare (EW) suites need upgrades to defeat RF Guided Missile Threats expendable decoys as an adjunct to the towed decoy are available STATES IMPACTED - All ANG Aircraft at CONUS and OCONUS sites MISSION CRITICAL NEED - Whether through the program of record or separate initiatives, modernization upgrades for the EW suite require the following capabilities: proactive and directed offensive electronic attack, electronic warfare situational awareness improvements, and self-protection capabilities that include radar cross section (RCS) reduction, infrared countermeasures, and defensive jamming from an expendable RF Decoy DEPLOYMENTJUSTIFICATION- The USAF and ANG have identified and validated defensive shortfalls in the integrated EW system against radar guided missiles. This requirement is necessary in the deployed locations OCONUS FUNDING JUSTIFICATION - Accordingly, EW sustainment funding must be reinstated, and legacy obsolescence addressed with interim capabilities for ANG aircraft. USAF FUNDING TO DATE - USAF is considering this capability for the ANG. Funding will also come from NGREA (APPN0350)

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