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ANG 1 M Add UT

Secure Communications Upgrade

Date Submitted: March 13, 2021
Category: ANG
State: Utah

Type Draft Resolution:
New Resolution

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Jeffery Waddell



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CRITICAL NEED FOR SUPPORT- The ANG needs the ability to access and incorporate information at the Top Secret Level. Fighting on Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS) (FoJ) was an initiative put forth as an unfunded requirement in 2018 by the Commander of Air Mobility Command to get mobility forces onto JWICS networks and allow them to be part of the information being shared. This allows for the ANG to receive the most relevant and timely intelligence information available at the time. Without it, ANG units are handicapped by lack of information timeliness or relevancy. This initiative has been voiced over the last three funding cycles and continues to be put on the Air Force Un-Funded Requirements listing. STATES IMPACTED - All ANG. DEPLOYMENT JUSTIFICATION- The ANG needs to have access to the same information as their AD counterparts. Without FoJ being funded, the ANG will continue to be at a disadvantage. FUNDING JUSTIFICATION – The funding for this initiative is a candidate for prioritization outside of the AF funded priority listing. ANG REQUIREMENT – Fund FoJ for all ANG Wings

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