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PERS J 18 L Add WI

Re-Imbursement for Fitness Membership

Date Submitted: June 30, 2019
Category: Joint
State: Wisconsin

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Dan Statz


Reimburse Fitness Memberships for National Guard Members to Maintain Readiness, Increase Retention, and Improve Health.

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With the implementation of the new Army Combat Fitness Test, Soldiers are expected to achieve a much greater level of fitness than was expected with the old Army Physical Fitness Test. Furthermore, the new test requires specialized fitness equipment. At some Total Force Integrated Air National Guard units, the Air Force is providing a monthly stipend for Air National Guard based T-10 airman due to inadequate facilities. All National Guard members require access to adequate facilities to maintain readiness, increase retention, and improve their health. Therefore, every National Guard members (officer and enlisted) should be reimbursed gym memberships, fitness classes, and other resources (up to a reasonable amount) to enable their success.

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