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ANG 3 L add OR


Date Submitted: July 1, 2022
Category: ANG
State: Oregon

Type Draft Resolution:
New Resolution

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Alex Fugate


Acquiring area navigation (RNAV) approach capability for the F-15EX.

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The F-15EX has no ability to use area navigation (RNAV) approaches that utilize global positioning system (GPS) satellites. The F-15EX will still utilize the same navigation aids as the 40 year old jet its replacing in the F-15C. A majority of approaches in the United States and more importantly around the world have started to go away from the traditional instrument landing systems (ILS) and tactical air navigation system (TACAN) to include VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) navigation aides. These systems are being replaced with RNAV approaches that are more accurate and more cost effective with no maintenance to any supporting ground equipment. Adding RNAV approaches to the F-15EX provides a cost effective navigational system, which is safer and more accurate. This will increase the F-15EX capability around the world.

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