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Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

Date Submitted: June 30, 2020
Category: ARNG
State: Tennessee

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Byron Deel


Field power articulation hitches on selected heavy and medium wheeled vehicles to save Soldiers' lives, prevent injuries and equipment damage, and speed the execution of critical missions.

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Fielding Power Articulating Hitches for the Army National Guard’s medium and heavy trucks fills a critical gap in the Operational Requirements for these trucks and solves serious problems that arise from using 80-year old hitch technology. US Army requirements for hitch articulation, as stated in the Operational Requirements Documents for medium and heavy trucks specify a pintle that is “moveable both laterally and longitudinally.” A Power Articulating Hitch would deliver this capability for the trucks that tow frequently. Power hitches extend, depress and swivel to move the pintle hitch to capture the trailer lunette. The hitch is controlled by a ground guide in the view of the driver’s side mirror. The area of articulation provided by the hitch increases the target area to position the pintle from approximately 5 inches squared to in excess of 2,500 cubic inches. Once the pintle is latched, the hitch automatically stows and locks. The Guard’s domestic and contingency operations are fast-paced. Connecting to trailers is a time consuming and dangerous task, made more difficult in harsh terrain and weather. Soldiers risk injury and possible loss of life while lifting trailers or getting pinned between the truck and the trailer. Current hitches also waste time and fuel and cause equipment damage. Power Articulation Hitches will prevent Soldiers from getting between the truck and trailer to connect the hitch, and deliver enhanced safety and increased speed in the execution of our critical missions.

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