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ANG 25 Q Add MI


Date Submitted: June 28, 2019
Category: ANG
State: Michigan

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Mark Hurley


Ensure battlespace awareness in a near peer environments and enhanced efficiency at Air Reserve Component Air Operations Centers and ensure readiness of the Air National Guard with Air and Space Operations Center training upgrades

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Maintain common Weapon System versions between Air Force and Air Reserve Component to include a stand-alone capability for Block 20 in the event of network disruptions or degradation and allow for continuity of training and distributed operations. These upgrades will be included in Air Combat Command's plan for all Air and Space Operations Centers, and will be aligned with the Active Duty counterpart's timeframe for installation. Increase Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System connectivity to access higher classification level intelligence and data. Fund a full time Configuration Manager as defined at Air Force Instruction 13-1-Air Operations Center Volume 3. Fund Mission Appropriate Bandwidth that allows substantial amounts of data and communications between Active Duty and Air Reserve Component units. Enhance the Cross Domain Network Display capability to display multiple classifications of networks on a single display and extended desktop and a Trusted Gateway System for data transfer between different classifications of networks. Provide Weapon System Mission Defense Team associated manpower and the toolkits necessary for enhanced Air and Space Operations Center cyber defense/mission assurance capabilities. Provide a Secure Voice capability that includes a High Frequency radio. Fund a full-time Information System Security Manager and/or Information System Security Officer for each Air Operations Group to support the Information Assurance requirements for both Air Force Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System and the Air and Space Operations Center Weapon System. Installing a Dual-Use Coalition - Collateral Network with a Collaborative Operational-Level training capability. Providing Distributed Mission Operations training equipment at Distributed Training Operations Centers. Installing a Joint Interface Control Officer Extended Trainer in order to meet Air Combat Command-mandated Interface Control Team Training Task Lists in garrison. Funding an Operational-Level Data Link Training Tool.

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