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Rugged Low-Energy, High-Performance Shelter Lighting (Replacement)

Date Submitted: June 27, 2019
Category: ARNG
State: Indiana

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Thomas Miles


Provide a requirement and funding for the replacement of damaged, inefficient and insufficient shelter lighting with rugged, shock/vibration resistant lighting that draws 60% less energy than standard lighting, has a 50,000 hour life expectancy and can be rolled up with a tent at breakdown.

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Through advances in lighting technology, the next generation of shelter lighting (currently available) is virtually indestructible, with a higher illumination, lower power consumption and a lower operating temperature than traditional military light sets that are heavier, run hotter, draw more power and do not provide sufficient lighting required for every mission. This light weight, new lighting technology can be controlled individually or at a set level in red or blue blackout mode. They are easily installed and can be left as installed in a tent when it is taken down and stored. Recommendation: Request for NGAUS to support a requirement and funding (NGREA) for states to have the ability to replace outdated, underperforming and energy inefficient shelter lighting with this new lighting technology.

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