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Pay and Benefits

Date Submitted: June 30, 2019
Category: Joint
State: Wisconsin

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Dan Statz


Provide Uniforms In-Kind for National Guard Officers

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Financial hardship is a top reason National Guard members cite for leaving the force. Oftentimes the National Guard is one of three jobs they work… it typically pays the least and interrupts their ability to work the other two. Additionally for officers, the much reduced uniform allowance is another example of the imbalance between active duty and reserve component officers. The latter is expected to bear all the responsibilities of being an officer without all the benefits of an active duty officer. Air Force Active Duty Officers are receiving an additional $146/year for 3 years to help pay for the OCP uniform change which is an increase to their annual allowance. Army National Guard Officers have had to pay for changes in the PT, Combat, and Dress uniforms in recent years causing a significant financial burden. Providing uniforms in-kind to officers in the National Guard (as enlisted members receive) helps bridge the financial gap. Change Title 37 of United States Code SS416 to match the enlisted entitlements in SS418.

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