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ANG 9 E Change NC

Facilitate the transfer of C-17 aircraft with the Extended Range Fuel Tanks to the Air National Guard units at a rate concurrent and balanced with Active duty

Date Submitted: June 16, 2020
Category: ANG
State: North Carolina

Type Draft Resolution:
Change Item

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Larry Coleman


Recommend modifying this item as active duty extended range C-17 transfers are unplanned for the foreseeable future. Change recommendation to "Modify each ANG C-17 Non-Extended Range aircraft to Extended Range configuration."

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CRITICAL NEED FOR SUPPORT: All ANG Non-Extended Range Fuel Tank C-17s lack the range and mission execution flexibility needed to support airlift operations. Strategic missions would require utilization of scarce air refueling assets or necessitate additional refueling stops. STATES IMPACTED: All ANG C-17 Aircraft at CONUS and OCONUS sites MISSION CRITICAL NEED: To effectively operate long range, strategic airlift missions, ANG C-17 aircraft require extended range fuel tanks. Approximately 50% of the ANG fleet are Non-Extended Range Tank equipped. Priority missions are tasked against Extended Range equipped aircraft, therefore creating a lack of parity with active duty fleet and faster airframe wear rate on current Extended Range equipped aircraft versus non-extended range equipped aircraft . FUNDING JUSTIFICATION: Incorporating Extended Range Fuel Tank capability across the ANG C-17 fleet would enable more efficient, effective missions and equalize the airframe usage across the fleet. USAF FUNDING TO DATE: Air Mobility Command had previously funded a Extended Range Fuel Tank modification program but ceased funding the program a number of years ago prior to transferring C-17s to ANG and AFRC unit equipped sites.

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